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Welcome to the Benzíňáky website – a site dedicated to Vintage petrol lighters, their history, the greatest manufacturers, and the important patents which determined their development from simple striker-lights to sophisticated petrol and gas models.

    Czech collectors have two disadvantages against those from the Western Europe or America. Firstly, there are too few collectors in here: in a country like the Czech Republic, it’s not worthy for the publishers to bring out any collector’s guide about cigarette lighters. And secondly, it is the forty years lasting disruption of any connection with the West, for it was another field in which important things would take place outside the socialist sector. The aim of this site is to at least partially wipe off the debt and to introduce the collectors in a most comprehensible form as many interesting cigarette lighters as the time and my skills allow me.

    I’ve been in a contact with collectors from over the world and I’ve also have been watching which lighters they are interested in and which of them they consider of a good quality and high value. Over that time I’ve hoarded a small library of vintage lighters collectors’ guides, but I’ve mainly taken many pictures, of which those more interesting I’ve sorted by the countries of origin and producer and so the basis of this website were laid.

    On each manufacturer’s page you can see everything from their production I have managed to collect and take pictures of, together with a brief description of every lighter. The sections with substantial brands like Flamidor, Lancel, Dunhill or Dupont also include a brief history of the manufacturer, if available. Please, do not take the list of manufacturers as a conclusive one. Where there was not enough information, I only settled for the manufacture date, I haven’t put down dimensions of many lighters and so on. Many facts are to be completed and I really doubt I’ll ever be finished with this project. I will be largely grateful for every piece of information, picture, or correction of any mistaken fact.

    The merchandise section of this site offers mostly lighter which had not been imported to the Czech Republic and could be interesting for the Czech collectors. So the offer includes both simple and reliable lighters, and rare collectibles or products of renowned brands.

    The rest of the site comprises contacts, interesting links and a list of latest updates.

    *Hereby I would like to thank the authors of following publications, without which this site would miss a lot:

*Many thanks to the authors of following books, without them this site would be far less interesting:

Reference: Lighters Gli Accendini - Stefano Bisconcini (Chronicle Books, 1997)

Stuart Schneider, Ira Pilossof - The Handbook Of Vintage Cigarette Lighters (Schiffer 1999)

Juan Manuel Clark - Collectible Lighters (Flammarion, 2002)

Collecting Cigarette Lighters  A Price Guide 1,2 - Neil S. Wood (L-W Book Sales, 1994)

The Dunhill Petrol Lighter A Unique Story - Davide Blei, Luciano Bottoni (Dunhill, 2004)

G. Broesan - 1000 Feuerzeuge (Broesan, 1995)

Larry Clayton - The Evans Book (Schiffer, 1998)

S. Schneider, G. Fischler - Cigarette Lighters (Schiffer. 1996)

Ad van Weert - The Legend of the Lighter (Abbeville Press, 1995)

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Dear visitors,

the translation of my site is not complete yet. Translated pages are marked with small flag that you see above. The links to translated pages in A/Z list of manufacturers are marked with “E” following the brand-name of the lighter , for example “Thorens E”. You may use Google Translate in upper left corner of czech-written pages if they are not translated yet. I am sorry if my english  isn’t correct  sometimes. The list of makers is not yet complete even in czech. I am adding the manufacturers in alphabetical order with exception of famous makers like Dunhill, S.T. Dupont, Ronson or Zippo.


latest uploads:

  27.4.2012 - Sarastro 30.5.2012 - Transfo, lighter that uses no fuel, France. 1.6.2012 - Colibri - Limited edition - Anniversary of "1928" model. 3.6. 2012 Colibri page translated to English. 18.6.2012 - Silver Lighters - Saudi Arabia 2.8.2012 Lighters stolen from my house shown in selling section. 3.8.2012 - Dunhill Unique, Dunhill Unique Sport Anniversary edition. Parker Paris Lady size.

9.11.2012 - Flamidor - rope combined with striker. IMCO added model 1927 and enameled Streamline. 28.11.2012 - Colibri and Hispano. 5.12.2012 - Premier. 28.12.2012 - Massip, France. Jan 10th 2013 - Silver Mexican - Ormex bottom mark added, a new page of Advertising lighters published Feb 3th - A.D. Karat. Feb 15th 2013 - Super IMCO. Apr. 5th 2013 - Maurice. May 5th 2013- - Dubsky. May 9th 2013 - Besançon - Seron. May 11th 2013 Champ Dubsky. May 25th 2013 - Exploding cap  tape lighters June 26th 2013 Muller & Grunstein E. July 31st 2013 - Saffa. 27.9.2013, Trench Lighters - text in Czech language and few photos. 14.1..2014 - D.O. Desarmeaux, few pictures of Colibri, Dubsky and Kaschie. 28.1.2014 - Ropp. 26.3.2014 - Silver Lighters - Saudi Arabia - A new design by the same artisan. 25.4.2014 - Wall Lighters. 30.12.2014 - PINO, R.K., Richard Kohn. May 5th - Mayfair

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ABOVE: One of the lighters that I like the best in my collection. This lighter is hand made of coin silver with silver ethiopian coins on both sides. The surface is beautifully engraved by the author. 

The story that ex-owner told me about the lighter could be found here. Few pages about Saudi Arabian lighters engraved by the same Italian artisian was published in fifth issue of Russian magazine Flint (all issues of the Flint are downloadable after clicking the banner on the left side of this page).

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